Now Hiring a Sales Assistant at Murphy Homes






We value our employees and invest a ton of time and effort into anyone who helps us improve and grow as a company! Our Sales Assistant position is the Murphy Homes stepping stone to becoming a full time sales person who can earn 100k or more based on motivation and work ethic. 

If you can- professionally greet  customers, sell, make follow up phone calls, sell, take care of customer concerns, sell, make phone calls, exhibit amazing customer service, support your other team members, make phone calls, exhibit amazing customer service, and, oh yeah, sell! - this job is for you!

Joking aside, if you are hardworking, people oriented, and a team player with a love for home building, we will do our best to make this the best place you ever work.


Please apply below if the above matches you and if are looking for a long term career with a group of folks who really care about you!

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