House Tip Tuesday

You want to use Rain-X for what!? 

One of our most popular videos from this month was on the care and maintenance of your new bathroom! Watch the video below and remember if there is anything you want us to cover in a video just shoot us a message and we would be happy to cover it! 

"Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive Eh Eh Eh Ehhh Stayin Alivveee"

This Month, Murphy Homes started a new series on Facebook called House Tip Tuesdays. This series is all about maintaining your home. Our favorite video from this month was on keeping your sod alivveee. (Bet you sang that word to the tune above;). Click the link below to watch the helpful video. There will be a new video posted every week and questions are encouraged. You may even see your question covered in the following weeks video. 

We Flew a Drone 4 Years Later. You Won't Believe What Happened

Sorry for the click bait headline but this is pretty cool! 

We took a drone flyover video of Greenbrier Woods on May 6th, 2014.  Then we did the same thing May 12th, 2018.  The difference is incredible and makes us, here at Murphy Homes, so proud of this gorgeous community.

It is also bittersweet because, with only 12 home sites remaining, Greenbrier Woods will not need another flyover to show everyone the available home sites... :(  Give us a call or come see us soon to learn more about this awesome community!





Only 12 Home Sites remain and they are going fast! Reach out below or give us a call to start your new home before it is too late! 256-724-6151

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Newly Complete On Your Lot Home!


This week Laura gives us a tour of a brand new on your lot home we built in Madison, AL.  This home ignited a great debate around our company - Light vs Dark hardwoods?  Dark has been the reigning champ for years but we have seen more homes lately with light wood. Let us know what your like better below in the comments section!