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January 14, 2021

Personalized Build Process from Start to FInish with Murphy Homes - The Personalization Experts

Have you always wondered what it would be like to build your dream home? Or at least a new construction home?  One that fits your specific needs, whether it be a home with a larger kitchen, open floorplan, 10 closets or a garage to fit all the things?

Well this blog post is here to help you understand the process behind how we build personalized homes to fit the needs of our homebuyers. 

Breaking down the steps of building a personalized, new construction home with the Personalization Experts.

1. Meet with one of our New Home Consultants. They will lay this process out for you and figure out what you need/want in your home. (** enter pre—approval Info here) * Wee do ave licensed sales agents in each community to help you with your purchase. 

. We offer a specific list of floorplans in each community. We like to start the design process immediately when helping you make the decision on how to personalize the floorplan you have chosen. This helps everyone to be on the same page when the contract is signed. 

2.  Once your list of personalized options are made, you will go through a design meeting with our AMAZING designer, Cindy. All selections will be made for your new home. Then we move on to a pre-construction meeting. This meeting is designed for us to review the floorplans & selections with you so that both parties understand the expectations for the home. 

3. It does take around 5-6 weeks from when pre-construction documents are signed in order to start construction on the home. Throughout the entire build, your sales agent will be reaching out to you weekly to send updates on the progress of your personalized home.  During this time, you will have a Pre-Drywall walk. This is a walk through of your home with the construction manager to ensure the home is built per the floorplans.

((**Enter more info here about pre-drywall walk**))

4. When it comes time for closing, our closing coordinator reaches out at least a month in advance to set the Home Owner Orientation Tour & Closing. The HOOT walk is with the construction manager, he walks you through the home to explain how everything works. You will also blue tape anything else needing to be fixed. One week later you will close the perfect, personalized home for your family!  

That’s it!  Below are some pictures of a GORGEOUS home we got to build for some wonderful homebuyers. They personalized it perfectly to fit their specific needs.