June 12, 2017

Awesome Home Site Evaluation Last Friday

We were lucky enough to visit an awesome future home site for one of our On-Your-Lot customers this past Friday afternoon. We were in eastern limestone county in the late afternoon. The trees were casting a shadow, the sun and temperature were going down and there was a wonderful breeze blowing out of the north west.  All in all a perfect North Alabama Summer Afternoon!

We used some landscape flags to position the home owner’s ideal home placement. We also discussed driveway and utility locations.  We have some work to do this week helping our home owner with pricing and feasibility but all of us cannot wait to start!

See below for a more detailed explinnation of how we do home site evaluations. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, Charlie was terrified of the bull….😉 

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Questions? We Can Help.
Questions? Ask Morgan