June 01, 2018

Floor Plan Friday ~ The Longfellow

Home Plans are like your children… They love to eat cookies!   Wait, that is not the right metaphor..

Home Plans are like your children… They never pick up their toys!  hmm, that’s not it either.

Home Plans are like your children… You love them all equally!  There it is!

The Longfellow is one of our favorite-among-equals floor plans and it is our featured plan for this Friday’s Floor Plan Friday.  The Longfellow is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with loads of open space and some amazing features and personalized options.  We really like the large open living area.  We have seen our customers do some very creative things with this area, the flex space can be used as a dining room, study, den, or, if you have some rugrats running around the house, an awesome kids play area!

Take a look at the pictures and video below and tell us your favorite thing about the Longfellow.

The Longfellow is available in Greenbrier Hills, On Your Land, and Brier Fork

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