June 20, 2017

How do you build a basement home?

Seriously, we need to know…  Just dig a hole in the ground and build a house over it right???

Just joking, we take basements seriously here at Murphy Homes and you can tell by the video below we really know our stuff.  In this Facebook Live from a few weeks ago, Laura interviews our Greenbrier Woods construction manager, Clay Stephens, about the processes that go into the basement.

From putting the footing above sub-grade to applying water proof asphalt membrane on the outside of the poured wall foundation, we go the extra mile to make sure your basement stays high and dry for years to come! 

This isn’t your moldy basement from high school and we are fresh out of black lights so it is time to grow up and get a Murphy Homes Basement Home!

Comment below on what room you would put in your basement!

Click Here for a PDF Illustration of a Basement Wall Cross Section

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Questions? We Can Help.
Questions? Ask Morgan