August 13, 2017

Make Your Home Made Meals More Delicious

The secret to making food taste better, huh?  Pretty adventurous territory for a home builder….

Luckily, it really is as easy as 1 simple step ~ Build a Murphy Home!

If you are still with us, take this into consideration. a lot of people’s perception of flavor is based on other cues.  For instance, did you know wine taste better if someone tells you how expensive it is? Or that meals are rated higher if they look pretty? Well, it obviously true.  As you can tell by the hyperlinks, we found it on the internet – Has to be be true!

So now that we have the science out of the way, how can a Murphy Home make your food taste better? Easy, presentation and enjoyment!  

Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your kitchen and dining spaces!

The “Work Triangle”

  1. Make your kitchen match your style! Lets be honest, as home builders, we don’t supply your furniture, we aren’t helping you pick wall art, one of the few parts of your home we leave ready for you to use is your kitchen. A lot of choices go into a kitchen and we are here to make sure your kitchen matches your style. Keep this in mind with your cooking style. Do you love a hearty stew? Maybe look at a traditional kitchen with stained cabinets to give that cozy feel. Trendy salads more your style? Load up on whites and greys.
  2. The “Work Triangle”The work triangle is a concept that is widely known among architects and home plan designers. It basically boils down to minimizing steps between your various work centers.  Moving a blazing hot cast iron pan from the cook top to the oven?  Adding rinsed vegetables to a pot? Walking boiling pasta to the strainer in the sink? In any of these circumstances, you want to make these moves quickly! This is even more important in today’s open floor plans.
  3. Where are you going to eat it? Today’s open and versatile floor plans often create multiple eating areas within a home. Use this to your advantage when serving. having guests over? Put chips and dip or other appetizers on your large bar. Sitting down with the family for weeknight put-whatever-is-in-the-fridge-in-a-pot special? Put some parsley on it, make up a name and serve in your breakfast nook. Smoking a turkey for the in laws on Thanksgiving? Sounds like the perfect time to use that formal dining room!

We hope these tips help make your first meal in your new Murphy Home enjoyable and delicious.  Type in the comments below your favorite home made meal!

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Questions? We Can Help.
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