May 04, 2018

Meal Prep in a Murphy Homes Kitchen

As home builders, there are really only a few places we can show off our creativity.  Your dining room, family room, and bedrooms will largely be made beautiful by you, the home owner, by your choices in furniture and accents. The kitchen, bathrooms and exterior are the places where your builder can really make the difference in terms of design and functionality. 

We have posted before on the blog about the “work triangle” concept in kitchen design. That has been one of our most popular blog posts but sometimes there is no substitution for seeing work in action.

In the video below, Jade Renz, owner of Jade Stone Fitness and Heather Murphy, owner of The Burn Collective fitness studios, show us how to use your Murphy Homes kitchen for quick and easy meal prep for the whole week.  

The gas range, large island and “work triangle” layout make this meal prep easy. The high powered vent hood will keep cooking smells from overpowering your home (or smoking up the place for those of us less talented than Jade).  We love how these features come together to make a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.  

Take a look at the video and comment below on your favorite weeknight meal!

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