October 04, 2017

Quality is More Than “Eye Candy”

 Clean home ready for mechanicals

Clean home ready for mechanicals

We heard a great line from one of our customers the other day. He said , “I am planning on staying in this home a long time and I went with you guys because I know quality is more than eye candy.”  That was really refreshing to hear in a world of “throw away” consumer products and it made us realize we needed to do a better job educating our home owners on how we build the parts of our homes you cannot see.

To do a better job of this Laura and Clay did our Facebook live last week in a home that was being framed.  In the video below, Clay does a great job describing some of the unique structural features we do here at Murphy Homes.  Even the way we put an extra piece of blocking between the studs when we do 10′ ceilings makes a huge deal 10 years down the road.  

There are a lot of items that go into a new home and it is easy to forget that, while styles change, a well constructed home will last a century or more with proper upkeep. 

Watch the video below and reach out to us to see how we build for the long term!

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