June 17, 2017

Time to Pick Lights!

Making selections is one of the most fun parts of home building. Most of our selections are completed at our (under construction) Design Center in Downtown Madison. However, we do not have enough space to show case lights so all our customers choose their lighting fixtures at Richard’s Lighting

Richard’s Lighting was founded in Huntsville in 1963 and has been owned and operated by the Lapidus Family since the company’s inception.  They have been consistent partners with Murphy Homes since at least the mid 1970’s.  Our records are not good enough but Joe Murphy thinks he may have worked with them as far back as the late 1960’s on remodels!

Today our customers meet with Terry King. We get constant compliments on the level of professionalism and customer service Terry exhibits. His knowledge and eagerness to help really shine through in the video below.

Watch Terry and Laura tour the Richard’s Lighting Showroom. This is a long video for one of our Facebook Live Episodes but it is FULL of awesome information to help you make better lighting choices.

Comment below on the most important room for lighting in your home.

Enjoy the video and tell Terry we said Hello!


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Questions? We Can Help.
Questions? Ask Morgan